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duet -- beautiful hand-drawn animation 60fps by glen keane


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Laura Stampler on Duet:

Those of you who are hankering for a good, old-fashioned, hand-drawn love story are in luck. Animator Glen Keane created a beautiful 3-minute short called Duet that shows the development of a romance between two people — from cell to adult form.

Even if you don’t know Glen Keane’s name, you know his creations. The famous animator worked on classics including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. The hand-drawn animation advocate premiered his latest love duo at Google’s I/O event to show the harmonious future of animation on mobile devices.


Keane’s talent has come to life yet again in his latest animated short, “Duet,” which debuted recently at Google’s I/O conference. The beautiful story unfolds through a fluid ballet of lines—which may call to mind the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence in Dumbo—telling the story of two people and their connection to one another from birth into adulthood.

Despite being an advocate for hand-drawn animation, Keane has in the pastdiscussed his desire to blend it together seamlessly with CG technology and advance the artistic possibilities of both techniques. This collaboration with Google’s graphic engineers for its Spotlight Series, made by bringing together the digital and hand-drawn worlds, is more proof that that goal can be achieved.

Wall Street Journal:

Keane’s 4-minute film is the first traditionally animated, hand-drawn film in the ‘Spotlight’ series, and it required more than 10,055 drawings to create the ideal presentation for a smartphone, according to CNET. “Duet” will officially launch later this year.

Stands up to multiple viewings!

it does!  i was just thinking of this video a couple days ago... how nice that you brought me back to it.  :)

glean keane designed ariel from the little mermaid, the beast from beauty and the beast, the eagle (which was fabulous) from rescuers downunder, tarzan and many others.

here is the making of this short:


It's beautiful, but you're missing the most important part.  How can anyone hand draw 60fps?   Are the hand drawings 60fps or is the video upload 60fps. 

The video upload is 60fps, which compares to 24fps for most movies and high quality gifs:

How many frames per second can the human eye see?

Emily, Glen Keane is also responsible for Rapunzel in Tangled!

i know!  and his daughter designed the interior of her painted tower!  she's now part of the disney team.

i idolized glen keane as a kid, the way little boys idolize baseball stars.  i sent him letters packed with my best drawings, i studied all his characters, watched interviews, read articles... he was my hero!  i checked the mailbox day after day, but he didn't write back.

one day, unbeknownst to me, my mom called the disney studios and got ahold of glen keane. he was shocked that she had gotten through to his direct line, but now that she had him, she explained the situation and asked if he would please send me something.

a week later, i got a letter in the mail from GLEN KEANE!  i was so happy i cried.  i was 13 years old.  i still have the letter.  :)

He did?! Wow!! I love that movie so much.

I have a whole stash just for Tangled:

stash followed!

and yes, i LOVE tangled!  that movie is memorized and i still love it. :)

I have just one word for you:

Tangled Rapunzel Yay gif HD - PandaWhale

the snuggly duckling!

"well, i do like ducklings..."

Ha! I like the chameleon on her shoulder too.

Glen Keane also designed the adorable characters in the Paperman short:

OMG, that is marvelous!  The paper is waving bye-bye!  

that was a great short!

i couldn't get the youtube video to work past 0:58.  try this one if you have trouble:

I like the paper waving bye-bye, too. This short won an Academy Award:

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