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Joe Manganiello photo gallery

Joe Manganiello hot Alcide 6 pack abs biceps guns arms chest Imgur

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Joe Manganiello is an American actor who maintains his six pack abs by mostly eating meat.

He's one of the finest parts of HBO's True Blood, as Alcide.

Photos on this page are from Reddit, Imgur, and the Web.

Joe Manganiello hot chest abs alcide Imgur

Joe Manganiello hot tight shirt comic con Imgur

Joe Manganiello hot pink shirt Imgur

joe manganiello hot wet bathing suit swimsuit Imgur

Have mercy!

Joe Manganiello hot true blood six pack abs gif Imgur have mercy alcide

Oh come on... anyone can look like that!!! All it takes is:

* Excellent genes. He's 6'5" tall and lettered in 3 sports in high school.

* Exercise. He does an hour of cardio and a couple hours of weights 6 days a week.

* Diet. 5 meals a day of protein with green vegetables and a small amount of healthy carbs (e.g. oatmeal, corn). You know your diet is strict when CARROTS AND FRUIT are a treat!!! He does eat a gigantic cheat meal once a week though.

More info:

Maybe he can sidle over to Game of Thrones once his True Blood gig is up.  Just sayin'.  

Yes! He can be a Stark because... WOLF!

dog howling gif

HalibutBoy he eats meat and veggies six days a week? Damn.

tell him to come over here and scratch my fireant bites!!  i'd like to watch his ten-pack while he relieves my itch!

those comments are hilarious!  i didn't know reddit was so funny!

so the best comments get pushed to the top?  i thought it was like the drivel you see in youtube comments, but these are actually clever!

Yeah, Reddit has a voting system that pushes the best comments to the top. Better than youtube!

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