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Old School: 7 Ideas From Ancient Thinkers to Improve Your Modern Life | TIME

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2) “Mens sana in corpore sano”

Look at me getting all fancy with the Latin – actually it’s a phrase we’ve all heard: “A sound mind in a healthy body.”

Originally written by the Roman poet Juvenal, it was meant to make sure we kept our priorities straight.

But in the modern world we often neglect our bodies, eating bad food and not exercising.

Science backs Juvenal up. In fact, research shows having a healthy body is an essential part of having a sound mind.

Want to get smarter? Exercise.

3) “Gnothi seauton”

Not Latin this time, it’s Greek. This is the most famous maxim from the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece: “Know Thyself.”

Often espoused but rarely systematically explored, there are few things that can truly guide powerful decisions more than knowledge of who you really are.

Pete Drucker, modern business guru, knew the ancient Greeks were on to something.

Drucker said it’s only by having a clear vision of your strengths that you can make good decisions.

We don’t remember rules or statistics. But we do remember stories.

And what effects do stories have on us? Research shows that the list is long:

  1. They motivate us.
  2. They give life meaning.
  3. They relieve depression (and are more effective thanmedication.)
  4. They offer guidance for decision making.
  5. They increase learning in children.

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