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Lunar libration with phase Oct 2007

Awesome Gif of the Moon phases


Awesome gif of the Moon

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Poor turtle! I'm frustrated on its behalf.

it looks like dr. chin!!!

Dr Chin?

you baiter.... :)

dr chin be like wheee Joone by Emily Kate Moon

What a wonderful children's book!

I just made the connection between "Emily Kate Moon" and all things lunar! It's.... lunacy!

hahaha!  yes!

instead of reading my boys a book tonight, i showed them funny gifs from pandawhale.  when i did this one of the turtle, i made sound effects of him biting in perfect timing with the gif.  my 3-year-old fell apart in peals of laughter and it took us 20 minutes to calm the hiccups afterwards!

That's wonderful!

There's an entire subreddit dedicated to "baby turtle vs things":

Bonus: 3 minutes of video!

Non sequitur: Have you seen the dog who thinks he's an ambulance?

not a non sequitur at all, because i happened to have the perfect benny video to add to that page!

the interconnectedness of all things continues....

I think you get me. :)

That gif is *o*

"Simulated views of the Moon over one month, demonstrating librations in latitude and longitude. Also visible are the different phases, and the variation in visual size caused by the variable distance from Earth."

"In astronomy, libration is a perceived oscillating motion of orbiting bodies relative to each other [...] libration is caused by actual changes in the physical distance of the Moon, because of its elliptical orbit around Earth."


What does o mean? I like this explanation of libration.

It's a smiley Adam... a mouth opened with stary eyes. :P

Note: the P also is part of smiley.

Oh! The gif is mouth wide open!

And the smiley with the P has your tongue out. :)

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