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Lunar libration with phase Oct 2007

Awesome Gif of the Moon phases


Awesome gif of the Moon

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Poor turtle! I'm frustrated on its behalf.

it looks like dr. chin!!!

Dr Chin?

you baiter.... :)

dr chin be like wheee Joone by Emily Kate Moon

What a wonderful children's book!

I just made the connection between "Emily Kate Moon" and all things lunar! It's.... lunacy!

hahaha!  yes!

instead of reading my boys a book tonight, i showed them funny gifs from pandawhale.  when i did this one of the turtle, i made sound effects of him biting in perfect timing with the gif.  my 3-year-old fell apart in peals of laughter and it took us 20 minutes to calm the hiccups afterwards!

That's wonderful!

There's an entire subreddit dedicated to "baby turtle vs things":

Bonus: 3 minutes of video!

Non sequitur: Have you seen the dog who thinks he's an ambulance?

not a non sequitur at all, because i happened to have the perfect benny video to add to that page!

the interconnectedness of all things continues....

I think you get me. :)

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