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Dog thinks he's an ambulance

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The last time this was posted to Reddit/u/BiggDeal posted his Australian Shepherd's hilarious reaction to the video:

I laugh so hard every time I watch it.

awwww... that looks like benny!

Aww... Benny is beautiful! He really does know the right words.

he had all sorts of favorite songs!  and when he heard them his ears would prick up and he would launch into full song!  once he got going, he was hard to stop!  i often had to turn off the radio because it was just too much!!

i know, it's a coincidence... or is it? :)

the interconnectedness of all things continues...

Benny came before you thought of Joone, right?

uh hum, actually, no.  i had already named my car joone.  (joone, the character, is actually named after my car!)  and i had previously named benny cyrus, but it just wouldn't stick.  so one day i was walking on the street with my adorable fluff ball of a puppy and a kind man asked me his name.  i said, "i haven't found it yet."  and he crouched down, holding benny's head in his hands, tilted his head from side to side and finally said, "he looks like a benny."  and i looked at my little puppy and said, "he DOES look like a benny!"  then i laughed and said, "but my car is named joone!"  he just smiled and said, "perfect."

and it stuck.

Sure does seem like it was meant to be.

But then what do you call your third book?

Oh! I got it!!

Playing with the Moon:

so good!

I knew that I would now!

haha!  that animation is surprisingly adorable.

Yeah, I'm regularly surprised by the creativity on youtube.

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