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Playing with the Moon

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I love this photo.

On March 9 I wrote: I wish I knew its origin so I could give it proper attribution and link to the right place on the Web for it. But that's true for most of the photos I find on Facebook.

On May 5, Louise responded (below): Adam, it is by amateur astronomer, now photographer Laurent Laveder

With that information I found this NPR story about this photo set.

Specifically, it's a pet project called Moon Games.

Says Claire O'Neill of NPR:

The charm of the captions is somewhat lost in translation, but they are playful like a children's book; the whole thing actually reminds me of The Little Prince, who lived on an asteroid moon.


I added this photo to my Posterous page, The 12 Laws of Karma.

Found on Imgur, too.

The Posterous page is dead, but I did find a Sun Basketball Swoosh:

Adam, it is by amateur astronomer, now photographer Laurent Laveder .. and yes, I thoroughly agree with you there re proper attribution ... (being a photographer myself :)) ... we are working on a fix for that with our new start up :)

Louise, THANK YOU!

That was really eating at me.

I look forward to your startup's fix.

I shared this photo on Facebook last night.

Since then it has gotten 600 likes and 600 shares.


I wish I could find more photos that have that kind of love!!

wow ! ... I love to hear that the artists are geting their due credit :) Funny actually - I gained 20 or so new followers last night- all of which were photographers ! and I could not figure out why ... :)

I'm guessing sharing that photo is why.

So now the question is how can I find more amazing photos like that one?

yep - sure was. have you tried 500PX ? lots of BIG moon pics on there at the mo

That is a great image, and I had never seen 500px before.

Right now my image places to peruse are Imgur and Bored Panda:

These images have been circulating the Internet for years...

[Some of Laurent's images from 2008.]


There are many more variations on this theme, among them:

1. Quick! Hand me that moon!!

2. Playing with the eclipse.

full moon play set

Good song and good video!

What is Many Moons about?

i can't BELIEVE this book was re-illustrated after the fabulous marc simont did the first one!  sacrilege!

Re illustration is rare, right?

SUPER rare.

but i was actually wrong: marc simont did the re-illustration!  i thought he did it first, but louis slobodkin was the original illustrator and winner of the caldecott medal, which is like an oscar for illustration.  weird to re-illustrate a caldecott winner.  really weird.  might be the only time it has ever happened.

Yeah, no one ever successfully remade an Oscar winner, too.

adam, thank you for showing me this page!!  playing with the moon is a great book idea.

You're very welcome! I think so, too.

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