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How Hövding works - The invisible helmet for bicyclists

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It's not that invisible. I can still see it!

I need to watch the video again.

Only when deployed. I spent at least 15 minutes from Joyce's thread trying to verify that this is, indeed, a real project. The story of the women behind it is inspiring.

Thanks for mentioning the story of the women behind it.

So where can we buy them?

You can buy it online at that site!

Ok, don't think I'm an idiot, but I didn't recognize what they're selling as the invisible helmet because the airbags are undeployed. Now I see it.

Plus I had to Google how much 3998 SEK is:

3998 Swedish kronor = 597.5531 US dollars

$600 for a helmet?!

Mother of God.

OK but besides, you know, the fact that it SAVES YOUR LIFE... don't forget that an "ordinary" but cute bike helmet is not that cheap. A Yakkay is 109 Euro = $135.

I agree. Expensive but seems its also for those interested in safety and high fashion. Maybe groupon or Fab will run an 80%-off special?

Too bad flash sale sites like Groupon and Fab are unsearchable.

Who has time to read them every day?

Increasingly less and less people. You say bug, they say feature. TomAto. TOmato.

So they purposefully did not add search? That's just bad business, in my humble opinion.

Lets watch that in slow mo...

Invisible Helmet gif

That's honestly a graphic that would give me nightmares as a cyclist, lol! Something else will break.

I'm beginning to see cycling as a very dangerous sport.

It is. I actually don't very much like riding my bike for commute; so many unintended consequences. I like riding my bike ...just to ride it. And on back/country roads.

Bicyclist meet 2000 lb. car and driver at 45 mph while texting and driving.

This doesn't end well! :)

Lance used to talk about in Texas getting ran off the road he had to have his mom -- in the early days -- (I believe) drive behind him to protect him.I don't think I'll ever be completely comfortable having to ride my bike with traffic behind me. One errant driver and the dream ends badly.

Like the idea, but -

"ultra-strong nylon fabric that won't rip when scraped against asphalt"

My crash last year, which left me with a broken neck, was on a gravel path. (Stevens Creek Trail) Seems to me that the rocks would simply puncture the material; it's a different impact than being scraped along asphalt.

I was wondering about that, too.

Not to mention crashes on grass.

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