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Paul Ryan Anagrams

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If Paul Ryan ever decided to pull a Tom Marvalo Riddle on us, he'd have a few options so far as his supervillain name.

His middle name is, unfortunately, not quite as cool as Marvalo. It's Davis.

Still, he's got some good anagrams:

  • Anal Diva Syrup
  • Rad Puny Saliva
  • Radial Navy Pus
  • Pray A Valid Sun
  • Pry A Valid Anus
  • Valid Anus Pray
  • A Dry Visual Nap
  • Nary A Spud Vial
  • I Dry A Naval Pus
  • A Lunar Spy Diva
  • Rasp Duly Avian
  • Avian Lady Spur
  • I, A Syrup Vandal

Perfect! Ladies and gentleman, I give you...



Another shirtless Paul Ryan pic! Conan approves.

Also, did you breeze past Valid Anus Pray as if it were just a sequence of words?!

I give you the bittersweet tale of a syrup vandal who drew swastikas on people's doors with maple syrup.

That story makes the Syrup Vandal a far better anagram than anything with Anus in it.

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