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When This Camera Sees Your Face, It Checks You In On Facebook -

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I like it.

I'm not a fan of automatic check ins but I bet some people would love this.

I think the obvious application for this is a paid photo booth check-in. Instead of printing off the photo strip, it sends the pictures to Facebook for you. Clearly there are some other uses for the tech, but a lot of them are probably close to crossing the privacy lines and/or are creepy.

Paid photo booth check-in is a really, really cool idea.

They could put one in every movie theater, amusement park, and arcade...

How many felons have we caught? And how long before criminals cross index to identify undercover cops? It's inevitable...

So both crime kings and crime fighters are going to use this technology?

It's like when people got fuzzbusters so police got radar detector detectors...

Escalation is the fastest way to profit when you're an arms merchant.

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