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A survival guide for the global kale crisis - Quartz

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According to ABC News in Australia, the Netherlands-based Bejo Seeds, one of the world’s major kale seed suppliers, has run out of every variety of the superfood’s seeds. As a result, farmers in Australia may not be able to meet global demand. This could also cause problems for farmersthat have eliminated other crops to make room for the increasingly lucrative green.

Whether this latest threat is real or overblown, we’re here to offer a solution: Stop eating kale, at least for the summer.

If you’re a devout kale fanatic, you know the salad-bar garnish turned “it” green is a crop traditionally eaten in the colder months of fall and winter. The hardy vegetable is more tender and tastes sweeter after a frost, thanks to the plant’snatural reaction to cold temperatures. In the dog days of summer, it is fibrous and can taste muddy and bitter.

So there's a global shortage in kale seeds?!

Don't panic, but yeah.

Why is Monsanto always absent when they could actually be useful?

Monsanto is there, corn cob in hand.  

But we don't want corn. We want kale!

Kale is the next queen-o!

And yet, kale, almonds, and quinoa are still all popular. 

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