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What Ultra Running is Really Like and Why They Do It

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Hilarious yet powerful testimony about being your best self from an ultra-runner who actually had a completely awful race... yet, through the power of lightning (!) and Fritos, he managed to finish.


You mentioned this battle between your mind, that wants to keep going, and your body that wants to quit. Do you try to separate the two, distract yourself?

I don't separate mind and body. I try to be aware of what's going on and accept it. I don't tune that out, I try to go into it, to fix it. I think about whether my mechanics are off, if I'm not getting enough oxygen. I check posture, straighten up, and think, What am I doing wrong? I think a lot of people try to tune out the pain and that works for them. I dive into what's going wrong and see what I can do to turn it around.

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