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Everyone Lies To Women In Negotiations | ThinkProgress

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They found that the women playing a seller’s agent “were deceived to a greater degree than male sellers.” And buyers were more likely to admit that they had deceived women — 22 percent of them did — than to men — 5 percent. It didn’t matter whether a man or a woman was representing the buyer; they both deceived women at the same rate. To add insult to injury, buyers were more likely to be blatantly deceptive with women than with men, but they were more likely to be outright truthful with men.


The research adds to the evidence that women are at a disadvantage in negotiations. When managers are told they have a limited amount of money to give out in raises and they have to negotiate with employees, they start out by giving men two and a half times more money than they plan to give women before discussions begin. And among equally proactive and ambitious employees using the same advancement tactics, men are twice as likely to get ahead than women.

Meanwhile, those women who do drive a hard bargain are penalized for it. Both men and women are less likely to want to hire or work with women who ask for raises, but men don’t face those repercussions. Research has found that women are hit with social and financial penalties for acting assertively and asking for more in a negotiation.

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