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Uber for Pizza: Five 19 Year Old Millennials Revolutionize Pizza Ordering

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"Revolutionize" might be hyperbole...

It lacks a couple crucial elements that customers of today are looking for, or at least are often looking for:

• It’s not an adventure.  (Or won’t be, once the novelty of the launch wears off.) Customers of today, millennials or otherwise, are often looking for an experience, or what I prefer to call an adventure. Ordering a pizza without making any choices (OK: one choice: Plain or Pepperoni), without knowing the company you’re ordering from, and so forth, is conceptually a lot like pulling a frozen pizza out of the fridge and popping it in the oven. In fact, it’s kind of less than that: because with frozen pizza you can choose between California Pizza Kitchen and Digiorno, each of which has its own backstory, vibe, and taste.

• It’s not genuine. It’s not un-genuine either, it’s just…. not nothing. Customers of today are looking for a genuine experience, whatever that means to them. In pizza, believe it or not, it means a lot. I had the pleasure of speaking for the International Pizza Expo this spring, and pizza is a whole world.  And often,  it’s a world customers are interested in being part of beyond pushing a button.

How freaking lazy does someone have to be to want pizza but not be willing to order it?

Stoner app, perhaps the first of a wave.

Ah! We gave Washington state to thank for the inspiration to this.

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