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workaholism doesn't work - embracing flow is the way to go

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so you're passionate about your work.  awesome.  the question is: are you obsessively passionate or harmoniously passionate?

"Those who are obsessively passionate about their work are inflexibly, excessively and compulsively committed, finding it difficult to disengage. As such, they are setting up bad habits from the start, and risking burnout in the longer run. Note that harmonious passion is correlated with flow — the mental state of being completely present and fully immersed in a task.

Research shows that flow is most conducive to creativity, not obsessive passion. The positive emotions and intrinsic joy that is associated with harmonious passion is what propels one to greatness, not the negative emotions, compulsions, and unstable ego that is associated with obsessive passion."

Flow is something we don't really get from our education in school.

It's something we need to figure out sometime ourselves. 

Some people never discover their harmonious passion.

Some people do:

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