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New PandaWhale Feature: SAVE

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Today PandaWhale added a new feature called SAVE.

You will find a SAVE button on every PandaWhale post page.

From our Frequently Asked Questions list:

What does the SAVE button do?

If you want to save a post to go back to later, hit the SAVE button.

SAVE lists are public but the button does not trigger notifications.

By comparison, if you stash the post it appears publicly on that post.

As an example, my SAVE list:

You can also see a person's SAVE list on his or her profile.

As an example, my profile:

If you have any questions, please ask.

This feature is particularly useful on mobile devices.

See also tips for PandaWhale power users for other cool things you might not know.

We should thank Mike Rowehl for coming over to urge us to implement this feature. :)

Agreed. Thank you, Mike Rowehl!


The more I use this feature, the more useful I believe it is!

Prop it now, read it later. :-)

Regina, yes! That's my motto... :)

For Kindle users, combine this feature with the Chrome extension to send to Kindle, and you've got your beach reading right there!

Oooo, I love that idea! :)

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