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How to Stop Working Too Much and Live Your Life

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The best way to detach from work is to keep a diary.

In a study led by researchers Joyce Bono and Theresa Glomb, people who spent just 10 minutes at the end of the day to write about three personal or work-related things that had gone well and why felt an increased sense of work detachment — a “psychological detachment, in that employees are able to switch off thoughts of work when they leave.” Not only were people more able to mentally set boundaries around their working hours, the practice of daily positive reflection also resulted in a 15% decline in stress levels, fatigue, and difficulty focusing.

Pipedrive’s cofounder Martin Henk told me that recording what he got done at the end of the day gave him the sense that his work was done, allowing him to enjoy the rest of his time with a clear conscience. “Even when I have friends over Friday night for a social gathering, I still have something in the back of my head.” He would think, “‘Just a second, I’ll put down my dones — and the work week is over.”

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