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Math Is Hard! A Girl’s Guide to Orlando Scandrick’s Suspension

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Today, the NFL suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick for four games for testing positive for MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy or Molly. Three weeks ago, the NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games for allegedly knocking out his fiancée.

So two is larger than four, right?

Or maybe the answer is that taking a party drug with your girlfriend is twice as bad as beating her unconscious. Which is it? Math class is tough!

And this makes sense, because the NFL has a big drug problem compared to national averages, while its relative domestic violence rates are low. Right?

Oh, wait. Its arrest rate for domestic violence is more than four times worse than the arrest rate for all offenses — and five times worse than its arrest rate for drug-related offenses?

What a mess.

I wonder if the NFL really doesn't care about public perception.

The NFL cares about money, and as long as the fans keep supporting the NFL as it is they won't change.  Someone needs to chat with ESPN, SI, Bleacher Report, Real Sports, et al.


The fans have a hard time quitting the NFL but a lot of us are definitely unhappy with the values on display lately.

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