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Obvious Corporation Launches Medium

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Next thing from the Twitter guys. Thoughts?

They've clearly attracted very notable people to write on the platform.

The platform itself feels a lot like blogging without the pressure to blog every day.

And yet, I cannot bring myself to write on it. Too high pressure to write something super high quality.

I don't have a lot of super high quality thoughts.

Did they call it "Medium" because it is neither Rare nor Well-Done?

But to label Medium as a Pinterest clone would seem to downplay the ambitions of Obvious and Medium, as the company's goals are far loftier. The company is essentially looking to upend the current Web publishing model. Williams, who helped found the blogging platform Blogger over a decade ago, calls the new project "an attempt to make an evolutionary leap, based on everything we’ve learned in the last 13 years and the needs of today’s world," an idea that he admits "sounds pretty grandiose."

So let me get this straight: I cannot put hyperlinks in what I write on Medium???

How is this concept Webby at all?

If what he learned in 13 years is that The Web needs no links, he's doing it wrong.

One year later: You can now have hyperlinks in Medium. It's more Webby. It's like... blogging.

They have unlimited money and time from previous successes to build something cool. That might help them in the long run, but in the short term I think mean their products will lack the focus they previously had as a a result from external pressure. Just an outsiders perspective.

Without constraints there can be no creativity.

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