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RebelMouse = Blog + Twitter + Facebook

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Ryan Kim at Gigaom talks about the coolest thing to happen to blogs since... overblog...

“Right now, most of the world is on Facebook or Twitter, usually both. You’re spending way too much time and struggle and getting way too unsatisfactory results on your own website,” said [founder Paul] Berry. “You need something to bring it together, to show who you are and that’s true of individuals and companies.”

Berry said the goal is to create something that’s fresh and social. So users can pick and choose what content they’ve shared through Facebook and Twitter and turn it into a post on a larger page. Or they can create an original post with their own media. There’s a bookmarklet for pulling in images from other sites, similar to Pinterest. And there’s analytics for each post so you can see how many people are reading it.

What’s cool about RebelMouse is you can easily arrange the different posts and freeze specific posts to a location, while the rest of the content is updated around it. That allows users to get out of the reverse chronological order that is common on most blogging platforms.

RebelMouse, I look forward to seeing what you can do.

My take was RebelMouse = Pinterest + Flipboard

Actually looks more like WordPress-meets-Tumblr with a Pinterest layout.

Flipboard displays other people's Facebook and tweets; this displays YOUR Facebook and tweets -- and images and video contained within.

Unlike Pinterest, you can keep something pinned in a position until you take it off.

Here's some examples from people:

Jonah Peretti (Buzzfeed)

Om Malik (Gigaom)

Peter Kafka (AllThingsD)

Jenna Wortham (NYT)

Sarah Lacy (PandoDaily):

Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch):


Josh Elman (Greylock):

Fred Wilson (USV):

Jessica Lawrence (NYT):

Ze Frank:

Ryan Sarver (Twitter)

Rachel Sklar:

Bianca Bosker (HuffPo):

Jenni Hogan (KIRO Seattle):

Jen Preston (NYT)

Sumaya Kazi (Sumazi)

Maya Baratz (ABC News)

Jessica Lawrence (NYT)

Katharine Zaleski (WashPo)

Laurel Touby (MediaBistro)

Maria Ogneva (Yammer)

Cindy Gallop:

Marissa Campise:


Alisa Richter:

Hermoine Way:

Ian Schafer:

Craig Newmark (Craigslist):

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