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The Das Keyboard 4 Review

The Das Keyboard 4 Is The Hacker s Choice TechCrunch


Because this keyboard has a full numeric keypad you’re going to have a nice time gaming on this thing and general typing is a dream. While I suspect the noise is an acquired taste for many – it was for me – once you start slappin’ da keys, mon, you can’t stop.

Keyboards like this one are hard to stomach. In an era when you can get a keyboard for $10, shelling out $169 for this one is a tough call. However, personally, I’ve used Das Keyboards for the past three years and I only swapped out my older model for this one because it was available. After using lots of mushy Logitech gaming boards with lots of bells and whistles but little character the Das Keyboard 4 is a clacking keyboard of cool.

Can you cut ICE with this keyboard? It depends on your skills and your status at the Gentleman Loser. However, if you’re looking to cook up some Perl or write your novel, this is a great tool.

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I'm not sure what cutting ICE is in reference to, but I do like the phrase "slappin' da keys, mon" ...

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