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Clippers owner Steve Ballmer gave out his email address at wild pep rally

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LOL at Ballmer giving out an email address instead of a Twitter handle. He's so unhip. :)

There are so many great videos of Steve at the USA Today link ....

Thanks, I had not clicked through until you said something. That page is a gold mine!

In the wake of the Donald Sterling scandal, Ballmer made a fantastic, passionate speech delivered at a near-scream for 13 minutes.

The best part came at the nine-minute mark, when he told the crowd:

"We're going to be hardcore. HARD-core. HARDCORE! We're going to get better everyday. We're going to be tenacious. Something knocks us down and we're going to get back and keep coming and coming and coming and coming. Did you watch these guys? That was hardcore! Hardcore baby! Nothing gets in our way, BOOM! Keep coming. HARD-core. The HARDCORE Clippers, that's us."

As a Warriors fan, I really don't like the energy that guy is giving to the Clippers.

Ha ha ha!!

Of all the divisions that Ballmer could land, why did he have to land in OURS???

Actually, it's better to have an opponent you dislike. It's more motivating, I think. 

As long as you don't end up being Corel!


By the way, Steve Ballmer keeps using the word HARDCORE:

I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

Ha ha right?  What a goofball.

He gets so excited I just want to tell him to chill, bro.

Interesting factoid: Both Joe Lacob (majority owner of the Golden State Warriors) and Steve Ballmer (owner of the Los Angeles Clippers) got their MBA's from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In the 1980s.

I wonder if they're as surprised to find themselves the owners of major basketball franchises as Vivek Ranadive is.

Well Ballmer has all the money in the world and he's always loved Basketball, so for him it was inevitable. The only surprising thing is that he owns a team in Los Angeles, not Seattle.

Joe Lacob always loved basketball too but his team is the Celtics. It was surprising when he sold his stake in the Celtics so he could buy the Warriors.

But as MBA candidates in the 80's, was it their dream in common?

It must have been. This can't be coincidence. 

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