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Life finds a way.

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Such pretty purple flowers, Geege!

Aren't they?  But they are the leaves of a succulent plant, echeveria.

Here is the motherlode of echeveria images - so many varieties and colors!

Whoa that's a lot! Do the colors mean anything or are they just decoration?

green echeveria life finds a way Imgur

Sometimes color is a function of chemicals in the soil, or genetic mutation, or in this case, photoshop!

Cool, there are so many ways!

Jurassic Park Life Finds a Way gif Imgur Tumblr

Life, uh... Finds a way.

life finds a way meme Nature has its ways, we left the house alone for 3 months... - Imgur

"It's Jumangi all over again!"

LOL, yeah. You inspired me to make a "life finds a way" stash!

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