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Little League coach gives touching speech to his kids, who have just been eliminated from the 2014 Little League World Series tournament...

Speech starts at 32 seconds in:

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This is how all youth sports coaches should be.

Warning: His speech might make you cry. And there's no crying in baseball.

1400+ Reddit comments:     

Bravo, Coach!!  

Fucking Outstanding! 

"There's no disappointment in your effort... We didn't quit. That's us!"

Now everyone come in for one big hug!

Now yell Americans!

Ok boys, good job...

who's cutting onions in my house while i'm trying to hear this speech?

This guy!

Ive just been cutting onions gif imgur tumblr bret flight of the conchords I'm not crying

is that bret from flight of the conchords?!  LOVE!!

Heh, it looks like him.

Bret flight conchords

ha!  yesss!  i found it:

"I'm making a lasagna .... for one."  The feels!  Brett McKenzie also wrote this:

omg!  did he?  that makes so much sense!  the song is just his style.  :)

And now that Muppets video is making me cut onions again...

cutting onions gif

awwww that's so cute!

those are great videos!!

They really are. Sometimes I'm amazed at all the great things we've managed to find on the Internet. 

Sniff allergies must be acting up! 

The commitment of Little League coaches worldwide is so commendable.  Most of them have fulltime jobs and children of their own.  There are quiet heroes walking among us, with clipboards and catcher's mitts, shaping young lives.

Little League Baseball - Logo meme character courage loyalty Imgur

And yet this, from Adam's Reddit link above:

"I had a coach who was a prison guard. Wasn't a whole lot of fun."

I'm still wondering what speech the winning coach gave. 

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