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uBiome Raises $4.5M From Angel Investors, Andreessen Horowitz To Crowdsource Microbiome Research

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Apparently they are also the star of the latest YC beauty pageant! Note that they have basically self-funded all of this through Indiegogo...

I'm skeptical of letting a for-profit company have primary access to that data. 

American Gut Project sounds better:

The company’s goal, apart from giving people a way to see what’s in their gut, is to provide this data to researchers so that they can look at microbiome on a grand scale.

There are a few other projects dubbed “citizen science” that work with microbiomes, such as the American Gut Project, the kit for which costs $99. But the proceeds go to the Biofrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado-Boulder and the Earth Microbiome Project at the University of Chicago.

On the other hand, I'm excited that so much effort is being put into understanding our microbiomes!

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