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A Brilliant Device That Completely Reinvents Crutches

A Brilliant Device That Completely Reinvents Crutches


Modern crutches are still less than a century old, and dozens of designers have taken a stab at improving them. But while most attempts are variations on a familiar theme, one entry to James Dyson Foundation's annual Dyson Award proposes a solution that improves on even the best recent alternatives.

Behzad Rashidi is a 27-year-old Ontario-based industrial designer whose student project, Sit & Stand, is being featured by Dyson as one of the standout entries. The device is fairly simple: Rather than a crutch that relies in your upper body to support the weight of your leg, Rashidi designed a device that simply hangs the weight of your calf on your quad muscles, thanks to a support system that spreads the weight over the entire backside of your thigh. That means you're able to sit while wearing it—an invaluable feature during a long recovery.

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Amazing that no one thought of this before. What a great idea!

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