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Oh, This Bracelet? It's Just My Wearable Device Charger

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... or I'm under house arrest.

That's pretty neat.

Offered in black, silver and gold, the water-resistant device comes in three sizes: small (1.23 ounces), medium (1.41 ounces) and large (1.59 ounces). If you grab the QBracelet during the early pre-order phase, starting today, the price is $79, and when it gets to retail it will sell for $99.

Oh, and here are some tips about charging your batteries:

I think I need to see about eighty bracelets for my iPhone. 

Your iPhone runs out of battery that much?

Can't last through the day if I actually use it. God help me if I take pictures. I shut off all the apps and it's a tiny bit better. I generally carry around a charger. 

Yeah, Dawn, which phone do you have? That really should not be the case.

Perhaps it's time to replace your phone.

I was out of 3G range and literally the phone was dying in an hour this weekend. Your post was very timely--mine does fall into the recall. People kept calling me nuts saying "did you shut off all your apps?" I got it 2 Januarys ago, but it's always done that.

One thing to do when out of 3G range is go into airplane mode.

It shuts off the antenna so it doesn't drain battery looking for network. 

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