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Drought is Causing the Western U.S. to Rise Like an Uncoiling Spring

Drought Is Causing the Western U.S. to Rise Like an Uncoiling Spring - CityLab

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daaaang... some crazy earth sh*t is going down any minute!

No, it won't happen any minute. This is a slow, long, painful, drawn out sequence.

The western United States' worst drought in possibly 500 years.

To visualize a total water deficit of nearly 63 trillion gallons of water, imagine a four-inch layer of water spread out over the entire western U.S. Now, evaporate that, and you've got the effect of this literally earth-shattering drought.

i can't visualize that.  :)

That's a crazy visualization.  I can visualize a 100 ft wave much more easily.

So the U.S. has lost the equivalent of a four-inch layer of water and meanwhile the oceans are rising?

i just learned in my son's dinosaur movie about the various climate changes hundreds of millions of years ago.  one of them, during the end of the jurassic period, made the earth mostly tropical everywhere.  i feel like we might be entering a neo-jurassic age.

When you put it that way it sounds like an extended holiday. Time to order up some piña coladas...

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