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The Modern War on Women

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Georgia passed the Women as Livestock Bill (H.B. 954).

This Bill criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks, even if the woman is known to be carrying a stillborn fetus or the fetus isn’t expected to live to term. No exceptions for rape or incest.

Georgia Rep. Terry England compared pregnant women carrying stillborn fetuses to the cows and pigs on his farm. According to Rep. England: if farmers have to “deliver calves, dead or alive,” then a woman carrying a dead fetus, or one not expected to survive, should have to carry it to term.

They asked independent voters if they agree with this: "Lawmakers in Washington have been engaging in a War on Women, by taking away women's rights to contraception, denying equal pay for equal work, and curbing a woman's right to choose."

54% agreed.

And that will likely make the difference in this election.

And yet Georgia is pro-Romney.

That's consistent: the kind of men in favor of the Women as Livestock Bill are also pro-Romney.

I would have liked to be in the observation gallery just to see how many in his party facepalmed when he said that.. lmao.. just wow

Is it me or have there been an unbelievable amount of politician rhetoric blunders in the past few months, especially when it comes to issues of rape, pregnancy, contraception, and right to choose?

(By the way, Adam, here's a great example why this is appropriately a Proper Respect or Kudos button and NOT a like button.) Thanks for posting, Christina. I've learned to track your stuff. Cheers!

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