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Big Data Best Practices - excellent post rich with examples

At the moment there are not many big data best practices. In fact, as Michael Chui, one of the authors of the well-known report Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity by the McKinsey Global Institute told at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in 2012, there are “‘no [Big Data] best practices. I’d say there are emerging next practices”.

lisa simpson prize

Sears Became a Real-Time Digital Enterprise Due to Big Data

Why UPS spends over $ 1 Billion on Big Data Annually

The Los Angeles Police Department Is Predicting and Fighting Crime With Big Data

Macy’s Is Changing The Shopping Experience With Big Data Analytics

AirBnB Matches Apartments, Castles And Igloos With Guests Using Big Data

How P&G Uses Big Data To Turn Diapers Into Insights

MasterCard Helps Retailers Perform Better with Big Data

Kayak Uses Big Data To Predict The Best Day To Book Your Travel Journey

Entertainment Network ESPN Is Wins The Game With Big Data

Morgan Stanley Understands How To Leverage Their Big Data

How Time Warner Cable Uses Big Data To Optimize The Viewers’ Experience

Union Pacific Railroad Turned To The Industrial Internet To Stay On Track

Southwest Airlines Uses Big Data To Deliver Excellent Customer Service

How Nestlé Understands Brand Sentiment Of 2.000 Brands In Real-time

How Heineken Interacts With Customers Using Big Data

How Big Data Enabled Spotify To Change The Music Industry

How Fashion Retailer Nordstrom Drives Innovation With Big Data Experiments

From Big Data to Big Mac; how McDonalds leverages Big Data

How Etihad Airways Uses Big Data To Reach Its Destination

How Engine Yard Applies Big Data To Improve Customer Application Performance

How Coca-Cola Takes A Refreshing Approach On Big Data

Ford Drives In The Right Direction With Big Data

Starbucks, The World Largest Coffee Shop, Grinds A Lot Of Data

Will Apple Re-Invent Big Data?

Big Data Meets Walt Disney’s Magical Approach

Aurora Health Care Stays Financially Healthy Due To Big Data

Purdue University Achieves Remarkable Results With Big Data

The Nike+ Gamification Platform Delivers Valuable Big Data Insights

Rabobank Learned Valuable Big Data Lessons Thanks to Proof of Concepts

Catalyst IT Services Hires Big Data To Do The Job

Zynga Is A Big Data Company Masqueraded As A Gaming Company

Caesars Entertainment Trusts Big Data More Than Gambling

InterContinental Hotel Group Became A Service-oriented Data-Driven Organisation With Big Data

Shell Drills Deep With Big Data

Walmart Is Making Big Data Part Of Its DNA

Hertz Puts Big Data In The Driver’s Seat

John Deere Is Revolutionizing Farming With Big Data

T-Mobile USA Cuts Downs Churn Rate By 50% With Big Data

Trucking Company US Xpress Drives Efficiency With Big Data

Rolls Royce Shifts In Higher Gear With Big Data

TomTom Takes Big Data To the Extreme

Obama Changed The Political Campaign With Big Data

How Amazon Is Leveraging Big Data

The Australian Open Gives Fans Deeper Insights With Data

Big Data @ the Australian Open

Crowd Control Management in the Twente Region

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