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Work-Life Balance Is Bunk, Go For Work-Life Integration Instead

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Skills for being real:

  • Know what matters.
  • Embody values consistently.
  • Align actions with values.
  • Convey values with stories.
  • Envision your legacy.
  • Hold yourself accountable.

Skills for being whole:

  • Clarify expectations.
  • Help others.
  • Build supportive networks.
  • Apply all your resources.
  • Manage boundaries intelligently.
  • Weave disparate strands.

Skills for being innovative:

  • Focus on results.
  • Resolve conflicts among domains.
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • See new ways of doing things.
  • Embrace change courageously.
  • Create cultures of innovation around you.

Leading the life you want is a craft. 

As with music, writing, dance, or any athletic endeavor, you can always get better at it by practicing. That’s why I developed these exercises and many others. Start with these three big ideas: Be real, be whole, and be innovative. Understand the skills you need to accomplish each. And then commit to doing the fun and fruitful work of making them part of your leadership repertoire.

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