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Eat like Jeremy Lin! Daily goal: 205g protein, 8 servings veggies, 5 bottles of water.

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Jeremy Lin on his diet:

For breakfast, I try to get 50 grams of protein, so I'll eat like five eggs and a few pieces of turkey or ham or some other lean meat. I usually do my lift and morning court workout back-to-back so right after that, I'll get a protein shake, which is another 30 grams of protein. And then for lunch, I'll pretty much always have a salad and a sandwich (with chicken breast, salmon, or turkey). Then I'll usually take a nap, get up for my afternoon workout and then have dinner. Dinner is different [every night]. I try to eat a big salad. That's ideal, but a lot of times it ends up being pasta and chicken. I try to keep everything lean -- lean carbs and lean meat. And then at night, I'll have a casein protein shake.

No wonder he was able to put on so much good, strong muscle in 2011 and 2012.

Also, the move to New York will help him control his In-n-Out Burger cravings...

Just to be clear: Jeremy Lin eats 1 g of protein for every pound of bodyweight. For many of us, this will not total 205 g. But I can attest that even trying to eat < 150 g of protein a day is a horrid chore and next to impossible for most people. Jeremy has to eat 35 eggs per day! Or almost 2 lb of lean meat! Try it, you'll never be hungry and after a couple days you'll hate life.

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