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Perhaps now is the time to replace MySQL with MariaDB.

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Oracle resumes its role as the most detestable software company on the planet: "It’s pretty clear that Oracle is trying to make it as difficult as possible to use MySQL. The result is a wave of unsettlement in the developer community about what Oracle considers open and what it sees as closed."

The Hacker News thread on this shows how many people advocate Postgres or NoSQL.

Still, even Facebook and Twitter use MySQL heavily.

At Twitter, MySQL serves as the “persistent storage technology behind most Twitter data: the interest graph, timelines, user data and the Tweets themselves.”

Facebook has their custom MySQL, too.

It appears that Oracle is making its revision tests and histories closed source.

Is it time for MySQL users to move to MariaDB, the pre-Oracle fork of MySQL?

for now i'd just stick with whatever Percona is doing.

lmao @ 'Oracle resumes its role as the most detestable software company on the planet'

It was hard to find an encore to suing Google over copyrighted Java APIs, but Oracle is good at outdoing each deplorable act with the next one.

Persona does seem solid.

Anything to avoid the Postgres junkies.

The comments on that article are hilarious. When it comes to data stores, most devs are pretty bigoted.

Most debs do have very strong points of view when it comes to databases.

Not sure why.

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