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Facebook’s Key Shareholders: What Is Everyone Worth Now?

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Mother of God, that's a lot of moolah.

I was reading in the WSJ about the rug merchant who didn't make $50 million:

Which got me wondering about Eduardo Saverin. Luckily Forbes has the goods:

I can't believe he has sold half his shares already:

Saverin holds 53,133,360 shares, or just under 2 percent of Facebook’s outstanding shares. As of 1pm EST on Friday, those shares were worth a total of $2.18 billion. That number would be even higher if the co-founder hadn’t already sold off more than half of the shares he won in his lawsuit against the company. The cash from those sales puts his total net worth at approximately $2.8 billion.

Had Saverin retained the 30 percent stake in Facebook that he had before his falling out with Mark Zuckerberg, his total net worth now would be over $34 billion — enough to make him one of the ten richest people in the world. But that was not to be.

Mother of God.

Three more observations:

1. Peter Thiel made more as an investor in Facebook than all of PayPal was acquired by eBay for.

2. Marc Andreessen made more as an investor in Facebook than he made at Netscape when all was said and done.

3. While Facebook continues to destroy value for Zynga, Mark Pincus walks away with a $200 million consolation prize. One day the value of his Facebook stock may exceed the value of his Zynga stock.

Meanwhile, the Russians (DST + made more money than all of Zynga is worth, and ZNGA shares hit $7 yesterday, a new public low making the company worth "only" $5 billion.

The VCs were big winners -- Greylock, Meritech, and Elevation all made a billion dollars -- but Accel made the Lion's share of $8 billion AFTER they had already sold off some on the secondary markets. I've always said that to the A round go the spoils:

Oh, and after taking out its original $250 million investment, Microsoft has made a billion dollars. How cool is that?

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