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Giant wasps' nest found growing on single bed in spare bedroom

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I can so easily see this happening.

In Florida maybe. But not in California.

Ha ha.  Because no spare bedrooms or just all California King beds? 

Both! Also we just don't seem to get as many insects in California as you do in Florida. Not as humid.

Killer Bees like California just fine.

We do have some insects. Just not as many as Florida. :)

Oh. No.  Florida has the most insects AND the most sharks.  Next up, Sharkquito!

Is that because swamps?

Not very much of our land is far from swamps, it's true.  When I watch True Blood, I think "That's a little too close to home."

It's the swamps that bring the extra insects, right?

Not the humidity, climate, or the proximity to the Gulf / Ocean?

"There are so many insects in Florida that it is impossible to catalog them all. So far about 500 species of insects are found only in Florida. One of the reasons that so many insects inhabit the state is the biological diversity of the landscape and another is the mild winter climate. Also the land of Florida is very old and has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Some of the swamps and forests are so old that they are home to insects that are not even found in other parts of the state. New species of insects are being discovered almost every day."

Florida Man is pestered by Florida Bugs. 

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