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What Bath Salts do to your brain

What Bath Salts do to your brain


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Interesting. Not familiar with them.

Essentially, Bath Salts = Cocaine + Meth

Btw according to Reddit this gif is "Not fully accurate. Meth causes the dopamine transporters to work in reverse, so the 3rd picture should have water coming out of the drain and spilling over the top just like the bath salts."

Why the innocuous name? I thought it was some crazy teenager/college invention like Four Loko.


"Bath Salts" is just the street name. It's like calling PCP "Angel Dust".

From Wikipedia:

Bath salts is the informal "street name" for a family of designer drugs often containing substituted cathinones, which have effects similar to amphetamine and cocaine. The white crystals resemble legal bathing products like epsom salts, and are called bath salts with the packaging often stating "not for human consumption" in an attempt to avoid the prohibition of drugs, but chemically have nothing to do with actual bath salts."

Bath Salts are worse than Meth. PBS says they are The Drug that never lets go.

See this GQ article: Breaking Bath Salts.

See also: Handsome Zombie Wreaks Havoc in Miami ...

Yes, Bath Salts eventually turn people into zombies.

 wow. i literally had thought bath salts were "bath salts" that you put in your bath, like aromatherapy or something; next time i should probably do research when i hear slang names like that.

One more time: This is your brain on drugs.

Any questions?

What then would a poached or hardboiled egg be an illustration of my brain on?

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