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With six kids and no car, this mom does it all by bike

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Read this and suck on your excuses for not bike commuting. A bike makes you HAPPY!

not sure this is a good idea

Whyever not?

Safety and time utilization. I am biased against using bikes for longer distances and/or on major roadways (still only been living in CA for less than two years). Perhaps for really local things on safer roads. Big props to that mom for doing it and getting that exercise. Why aren't the older kids riding their own bikes?

They never do more than 20 miles a day total, she says... so that's probably just a couple trips to school, shopping, and park. Also, it turns out that those Bakfiets bikes are bizarrely safe because they are SO FREAKIN' HUGE that you can't miss them. Looks like the oldest kid is riding his own bike, but the mom actually needs the second oldest one to ride the tandem to provide a boost of power :)

Bakfiets bikes are freaking cool!

20 miles a day with 6 kids though... I can't even imagine.

Wow. That's so Portland!

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