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Baron Davis launches gaming company - Sports Technology, Gaming - Tech Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN

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ESPN Playbook: The video game industry can be a tricky and expensive business. Baron, why did you want to invest both your time and money in creating 5 Balloons Interactive?

Baron Davis: I just think that right now gaming is at an all-time high. For me, I see how innovations are happening in the digital world, and I want to participate in it. There are some fun opportunities out here in the marketplace with the iPad and all of these mobile systems where you can start playing games as apps, and that’s a whole different experience than what people are used to. I hooked up with Sean, and we talked about creating games where people could ultimately have a greater experience than what they were getting with just the normal iPad apps.

ESPN Playbook: Any interest in making console games as well down the road, or are you sticking with mobile games?

Baron Davis: There are a lot of great console games, and obviously, Sean coming from EA was in that business. But it makes more sense for us to play in an arena that’s fresh, that’s young, and full of innovation and create something cool as opposed to creating and competing on consoles.

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