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Toddlers Are the Newest Target in the 'Learn to Code' Craze

Toddlers Are the Newest Target in the Learn to Code Craze At What Age Is it Appropriate BetaKit


Thus, we come to the Littlecodr idea that apparently sprung from a hallway conversation between the two founders. Nathan Slee and Alexandra Greenhill created a card game that teaches kids from three to eight-years-old the basics of coding and put the product online for $19 while at the conference. Within 24 hours the pair had already sold 20 sets, a number that’s likely doubled by now.

I wondered, however, at what point it’s appropriate to encourage children to learn HTML and other coding languages, and at what age is it inappropriate? While the brain of a three-year-old is incredibly malleable, couldn’t we wait for a few years before subjecting the poor child to coding? Shouldn’t a three-year-old be spending his/her time exploring, playing and otherwise doing, you know, stuff that three-year-olds like to do?

We sought out the opinions of some colleagues who gave us differing, but interesting answers.

Ian Jeffery, someone we’ve quoted extensively throughout his former position as general manager of the FounderFuel startup accelerator, is now at Montreal’s PasswordBox as head of marketing.

His two boys are 2 and 5, and he doesn’t feel that the issue is too big of a deal: if his boys want to play soccer, they can play soccer. If they want to learn code then they can learn code, but he won’t impose anything on them.

“Coding is just one other thing,” he told BetaKit. “Everyone one has different interests and if they want to do it, then they can do it. They’re small human beings and they should be able to make their own decisions.”

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Just no.



hahaha, adam!

yeah, i think no is a good answer to toddlers learning to code.

what's next?  tiny fingers can probably roll cigarettes, too.  i suppose we could put them to work in all sorts of ways!

Isn't that the very definition of sweat shop worker?

Actually in Schindler's List, Liam Neeson is able to save a little girl because her small hands are good for polishing pots in his factory.

liam neeson!  which, of course, brings me to this:

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