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Rich Pricks Ruined Burning Man (Again)

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The latest feature for rich attendees is not lifting a finger, perhaps echoing the on-demand sloth apps they're creating back home:

The rich are flown in on private planes, then picked up at the Burning Man airport, driven to their camp and served like kings and queens for a week. (Their meals are prepared by teams of chefs, which can include sushi, lobster boils and steak tartare — yes, in the middle of 110-degree heat.)

"Your food, your drugs, your costumes are all handled for you, so all you have to do is show up," Mr. Hanson said. "In the camp where I was working, there were about 30 Sherpas for 12 attendees."

There is truly nothing people from San Francisco cannot make worse.

(My apologies to anyone on this list who attended Burning Man.  I am sure you are an exception.)

I'm surprised that the rest of Burning Man did not have a revolution against them. 

Sherpas with a Tasers would be a good band name:

Sherpas and the Winklevii, notsomuch. 

If Death Metal Polka becomes a thing, Winklevii would be a great band name.

Winklevii and the Bookfaces!

My favorite comment:  "Sherpas.  At a party.  In the desert.  In the US."

Imagine sherpas with tasers, defending their clients against the great unwashed.

Yeah, that's an unsettling thought. 

I am confused. What has been made worse? What is unsettling? 

Rich people are bringing servants to Burning Man.

you don't expect them to keep them at home when they want to attend a multi-day festival, do you?

I do if that festival is Burning Man, which is supposed to be about human equality and respect. 

touche! "First Timer's Guide. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert (also known as "the playa") to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance."

Wait so it's not about equality and respect?!


I read self-reliance to mean no servants. 

me too! hooray.

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