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Candida and the Veggies would be a great Rock band name.

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I decided to start a page for good rock band names.

Today I heard a good one: "Amazon and the Drones"

i love picturing them shouting out: "thank you! thank you! we are..."

Veggies and Kefir!

Romantic Mexicans!

Budding Bygones!

Curing Cancer!

I love them! "Thank you! Thank you! We are Curing Cancer!"

On this post we have a fun rock band name...

... Thank you! Thank you! We are Narwhals and Fjords!

Another good name: Swimming Elephants!

Another good name: Vikings in California!

I'm sure we'll think of more...

Love it!  Or Munching Samoans.

Green Cross and the Genius Girl Scout!

"mrs. chan's $19 billion strawberries" sounds like a great song to me!  (you should write it geege!  you're so funny!)

Bringing in Billions

Nice one!

Songwriting is hard!  Maybe one of these days we all can collaborate on a limerick.

There once was a man from TheFacebook...

whose wife often gave him that crazed look

He appeased her with berries, but Jan took the cherry...

(And Larry thought "I'm such a schnook!")


"Schnooky Larry" would be a great name for a rock band!

nice one!

"Budding Bygones" is growing on me, Emily.

:)  they're bound to have a one-hit wonder, right!

Would "The One Hit Wonders" be too jinxy a name for a rock band?

could be... :)  my dad once had a sailboat named Murphy's Law and it was nothing but trouble.  i suggested he paint on a new name!

There's a Tom Hanks mobie called "That Thing You Do" and the band calls themselves The One-ders.

Did your Dad ever paint a new name?

Btw, Riding Cassini would be a great name for a band:

yay! oce's band name made it! and Remember to Forget should be Remembering to Forget so they can announce it the right way:  "thank you! thank you! we're Remembering to Forget!"

(and no, my dad never did paint a new name... he sold the boat!)

Selling the boat is a good solution, too. Easier than repainting.

Remembering to Forget is a better name. Thank you for suggesting.

Another Oce band name...

Kin of the E Ring would be a good band name:

Well Geege is the one who noticed it!

She is. Geege and Emily notice a lot of things, which is why I always look forward to hearing from them.

PandaWhale inspires.  :)

"Thank you! thank you! we are Another Addiction to Deal With!"

CC-BY: Oce.

haha!  nicely done, adam!

: D

Thanks, Emily. You never know when the next inspiration for a rock band name will come.

Microflora and the Lifesavers would be a good name for a rock band.

The Stinger, The Credit Cookie, and The Egg would be a good name for a rock band.

Deervana is a great name for a band.

Red Wine and Weed would make a great rock band name:

Good one! Even just Space Specks would be good.

Laserbeams of Love would be a great band name.

woohoo!  Laserbeams of Love made the list!!!

(that's a shout-out to our pets, our very own little laserbeams of love!)

That's an awesome shout-out but the word Laserbeams reminds me of Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

In retrospect I cannot believe radio played this song. Did they not know what it's about??

these are all good.  i'm looking back now and smiling at the many awesome bands we could name!

It's so much easier to come up with band names than it is to write songs.

and the crowd chants: ci-vets! ci-vets! ci-vets!

With their lead signer, The Mighty Pangolin!

Chocolate and the Hugs would be a good name for a band.

Come for Chocolate. Stay for the Hugs!

that would be delicious and fun!

Speaking of Delicious and Fun...

String Cheese would be a good name for a string quartet.

hahaha!  what a great name for a string quartet!!!

That was a Geege Gem of the Day! (TM)

And today we have another. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Sentinel Chickens!

i love mexican jellies.  :)

Yeah, Mexican Jellies is growing on me. Even after all the other names we've come up with!

Science or Wishful Thinking would be a good name for a rock band.

Jimmie Angel would be a good name for a rock band.

Dirty Panda would be a great name for a rock band!

Several rock band name ideas from Alex in the Hay on Armstrong and Getty...

Eleven Benevolent Elephants.

Carnivorous Forest.

Embryonic Jean Treatment.

The Wonder of Gravy.

Hammered and Pantless.

LOL at "The Wonder of Gravy" and even more at "Hammered and Pantless"!

Heh, I liked those too!

But new for 2015 is... Confused Sharp Bunnies!

Polar Bears in a Girls of Lavender would be a good name for a rock band:

haha!  yes!  or...

freudian slips.


Autocorrected Freudian Slips would be a good name for a band, too.

i love checking on this page every now and then.  :)

this time i went back and listened to the song "relax" for the first time.  i never noticed those over-the-top sexual lyrics!  i was just a kid when it came out, and i never bothered to listen.  it is weird that it got by so many adults though!!

i checked it out on wikipedia: it was quite a success before the bbc banned it and then un-banned it because of its growing success!

Still surprising they unbanned it. Laser beams are not laser beams!

I do like checking back on this page regularly too. We have come a long way!

laserbeams are not laserbeams!  :)

everything else in that song is literal!

Yes, and rather racy for the radio, now that I think about it.

This radio ban story remembers me the movie Pirate Radio / The Boat That Rocked (2009).

I did not see The Boat That Rocked but it looks good.

If you like Rock music, it's a must see!

Happily Emily would be a great name for a rock band.

hahaha!  yessssss!!!

This is the longest list of comments on pandawhale.

"Confused Sharp Bunnies" still makes me lol, because source.  :)

Yes on Confused Sharp Bunnies!

And yes Oce! That's why I enjoy returning to this thread. 

i'm rather fond of Free Beer.

Peak Jacuzzi.

Peak Hope!

Timely message indeed!

Yes. We need a band named Triumph of Hope.

Armstrong and Getty say The Sultans of Here and There is a good name for a rock band. 

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