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The largest thing in the universe is a supervoid in deep space.

BBC Earth The largest thing in the universe

In deep space lies a ‘supervoid’ that could be the biggest structure ever known


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Calling Oce!

I bet he has a lot to say about this.

Well not much, except "The Cold Supervoid" could be a rock band name.

Super cool:

What's now emerging as the top hypothesis is a cosmic supervoid. All the stuff in the cosmos - galaxies and invisible dark matter - stretches across space in a vast web of sheets, tendrils, and filaments. In between are pockets of emptiness called voids, which come in many shapes and sizes. A really big one could act as a kind of distorting lens, making the CMB appear cooler than it really is.

It's difficult to imagine something as big as 1.3 billion light years across.

You're right, it's a great concept.

Seen anything else about the supervoid?

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