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Amazing picture of Saturn (and Earth) taken by Cassini - Imgur

This is a REAL picture, this is reality, this is not fanta sea.Amazing picture of Saturn and Earth taken by Cassini Imgur

"July 19, 2013, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. "

With background planetsAmazing picture of Saturn and Earth taken by Cassini Imgur

"in the lower right of the mosaic, in between the bright blue E ring and the faint but defined G ring, is the pale blue dot of our planet, Earth. Look closely and you can see the moon protruding from the Earth's lower right. Earth's twin, Venus, appears as a bright white dot in the upper left quadrant of the mosaic, also between the G and E rings. Mars also appears as a faint red dot embedded in the outer edge of the E ring, above and to the left of Venus. "

Made a little annoted zoomAmazing picture of Saturn and Earth taken by Cassini Imgur

Do you notice the banana for scale I was holding on Earth when the photo was taken?

With planets and moonsAmazing picture of Saturn and Earth taken by Cassini Imgur

"Cassini was able to capture 323 images in just over four hours. This final mosaic uses 141 of those wide-angle images. Images taken using the red, green and blue spectral filters of the wide-angle camera were combined and mosaicked together to create this natural-color view." (like your eye would see it if you were riding Cassini... : D )

"This image spans about 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) across."

"The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency."

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Yes : )

Is this what got you into studying physics?

Part of it yes. Another main reason is the type of studies and thinking that fits more my personality.

For example I was attracted by medicine too, but, it's a lot of memorization work, and that's clearly not my first quality. : D

My memory is my computer and the Internet. Because that's all I have, I've condemned myself to be intelligent. And this works pretty well in physics. : P

I wish you could understand French and listen to this French philosopher (Académie Française and teacher in Stanford) about *knowledge* :

He describes beautifully his opinion on what is knowledge and intelligence, nowadays, with the technology.

Riding Cassini would also make a great band name!

Well I'm not sure, Cassini is a 17/18th  century scientist, so "riding" him is not very... classy. : D


"Giovanni Domenico Cassini (June 8, 1625 – September 14, 1712) was an Italian/French mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and astrologer. Cassini, also known as Gian Domenico Cassini or Jean-Dominique Cassini, was born in Perinaldo,[1] [2] near Imperia, at that time in the County of Nice under the control of the Republic of Genoa.[3] Cassini is known for his work in the fields of astronomy and engineering. Cassini most notably discovered four satellites of Saturn, and noted the division of the rings of Saturn."

What could possibly go wrong when you was born in Nice? haha

hahaha!!  true.  i didn't know about the man.  maybe not the best band name...

i just liked how you said that the images looked like your eye would see it if you were riding cassini!

you said it first, oce!  ;)

Look at him, he looks at us with this "I am not amused glance". v~V

totally!  and he might be kind of offended that we don't want to ride him after all!

We owe a lot to the Italians.  Said an Italian.

He did all his scientific work in France. Said a French. : P

I'm American so I'm saying nothing.

Except that Riding Cassini WOULD be a great name for a band, so I'm adding it here:

Never miss an occasion to show how helpful this website is! : P

yes!  saved by an american!

team america fuck yeah

and now, oce, you're part of the band-naming game.  :)

Damn, another addiction to deal with?

yup!  ha!  that sounds like a band name right there!

"thank you! thank you! we are Another Addiction to Deal With!"

Haha yes! I like it. I licence it under CC-BY!

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