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Extreme strength observed in snail teeth

Extreme strength observed in limpet teeth Journal of The Royal Society Interface


These observations highlight an absolute material tensile strength that is the highest recorded for a biological material, outperforming the high strength of spider silk currently considered to be the strongest natural material, and approaching values comparable to those of the strongest man-made fibres. This considerable tensile strength of limpet teeth is attributed to a high mineral volume fraction of reinforcing goethite nanofibres with diameters below a defect-controlled critical size, suggesting that natural design in limpet teeth is optimized towards theoretical strength limits.

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You had me at goethite nanofibres. Stronger than spider silk. Cool.

You had me at snail teeth.

Spider Silk and Snail Teeth sounds like the name of a rock band.

my boys are full of questions now!

would it hurt if a snail bit you?

are they stwonger than shark teeth?

stwonger than batman?

stwonger than hulk smash?!?

It would not hurt if a snail bit you because its jaws are not strong and their teeth size is tiny compared to you.

Snail teeth are stronger than shark teeth.

Snail teeth would be stronger than Batman if they were the size of Batman. Size matters.

Snail teeth are the strongest natural material in the world.

haha!  perfect.  they were quite satisfied with those answers.

now snails are at the top!

Which is kind of amazing when you think about it. Snails at the top?!

Wonders if snail dentistry is a thing.

snail eating lunch gif Imgur

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Does this need to be its own page?

I think this needs to be its own page. Does it need to be its own page?

Yeah, ok, strongest teeth ever... uh-huh... but they're still attached to a squishy snail, right?

Isn't that kinda like trying to stab me with a nail attached to a big sponge?

Yes, but on the other hand when I look at that gif above I see an efficient crushing machine.

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