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cloud watching, sped up

Cloud watching sped up time lapse gif imgur tumblr cloudporn gif

i love how there are three planes of clouds moving in different directions, at different speeds.  i could watch my florida sky all day. #cloudporn

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california fog:

California fog clouds time lapse gif imgur tumblr cloudporn gif

The hills are alive.  :)

This is a good setup for a Miyazaki movie!

beach clouds time lapse gif imgur tumblr cloudporn gif

These look like Google Awesome Pics!


Yes! Where did you find these?

google awesome!  wow, never even heard of it.  is this an app?

i just found these with an internet search for cloudporn.  i make my own cloud timelapses, too.  but i haven't turned them into gifs!

From 2013: "automatic photo creations called "Auto Awesome," to make the mobile social-networking application match"

Does it still work?

Yep.  I use it to annoy my friends.  :)


Is it like Instagram filters or does it actually suggest other pictures you might like?

It takes consecutively shot pics and blends them into an automated whole, like the beach pic above.

So it makes gifs out of your camera shots? Neat. 

super neat!!  thank you for showing that to me, geege!!!

Happily, Emily!  (Happily Emily would make a great rock band name...)

love it!  <3 <3 <3

It shows pretty nicely how complex the atmosphere movements are! We can clearly see at least 3 independently moving layers of clouds!

yes!!  isn't it amazing!?!  i'm glad you noticed, oce!!

He noticed a lot more than I did!

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