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RSA Animate - The Paradox of Choice

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Best Reddit comment:

Towards the end, I believe she stumbles upon an important truth, but then completely and utterly misses the point. It's not the myriad of less important choices that's stopping social change, it's that the forces that don't want social change have succeeded in rephrasing the question as false dichotomies:

  • I really need to eat and drink healthier. Should I have a Coke or a Pepsi?
  • I want political change. Should I vote Republican or Democrat?
  • I want to do something meaningful with my life. Should I watch TV or browse Reddit?

More Reddit comments:

I would agree with "less choice" is a better model, hard to change though, as every capitalist should have a fair shot at the market, but it's overwhelming, I don't need that many choices, and it wastes my time to sort through so many.

It helps to have decision rules that instantly reduce the options. Example: No sugar.

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