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It's never too late

It s never too late

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Intermet is the great equalizer

Even for fitness?

My original comment was going to be that Internet takes things that were meaningful and trivializes them. My mentor used to tell me that quote for the past dozen years. To see it used to garner Facebook likes and signups for a service is ... Interesting..

But I don't own that quote. Should it not inspire people just as it has inspired me?

So in that regard, it is a place for common-ness; or community, if you will. Seeing people inspired by the me quote that has inspired me (and I have a real-world wall of quotes in my bedroom) reminds me we are all equal. All very similar. Similar wants, desires, needs, hopes, dreams...

There is more that unites us than divides us

What's funny is that you're really just beginning.

You won't realize that for another decade or two. :)

Certain goals and pursuits have finite windows. 24 is young, but not say, if I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast or swimmer, no? So I like the quote as it is inspiration to pursue goals even when the rational finite window might have passed or is closing. :)

Fair enough. You're too old to win the Fields Medal, too, because math is a young person's game.

Take it with love, but this saying has no truth value coming from someone who is... are you EVEN in your mid-20's?!?!? You haven't evaluated it worth a damn, and you won't be able to until you're WAY older. Stick to age-appropriate advice :)

Wow are we a little territorial there or what. Why so insistent on putting that obviously younger than you down. MEOW pull in those claws there woman. And coming from an OLDER than you woman I can honestly tell you she was composed with her input. MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS MADAM CONTROL FREAK

Hahaha, what the what? I have no idea who "she" is in your sentence or what input was composed. David, who I was responding to, is a man baby! :)

Oh yes. David is ALL man.

Pandawhale brings a smile to my face! The one mentor is 42; perhaps he has dreams that he thought were dead?

All I can say is I really like that quote, for all ages, :) Of course, in time, hopefully I'll gain some wisdom.

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