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Gangnam Style but better - Waveya

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Can anyone explain why Gangnam Style by PSY has gone viral?

50 million YouTube visits since it was released July 15.

The song is currently at the top of the Billboard KPop charts.

Is it because people like KPOP and horses? Or it's fun to dance to?

No, I think it's popular because of its biting social satire.

Gangnam is the Beverly Hills of Korea. The song's theme is about "the perfect girlfriend who knows when to be refined and when to get wild." I believe he's mocking the "bro's" of Korea the way we mock the SWAG and YOLO jerks in America.

Unstoppable! Quick, send in a substitute!!

Gangnam Style animated gifs


tumblr_m91f1zUn4e1qlsid7o2_250.gif tumblr_m91f1zUn4e1qlsid7o1_250.gif

Oppa Gangnam Style Dat Ass




Gundam style

you never see his eyes!

I love it! Lmao...

Oppa Carlton Style!


Oppa Cohen Style!

Cl4bO.gif Y9dcH.jpg

Oppa Ryan Style!


Have you ever seen a badger dancing and singing? Then check out this video of Bruno The Badger as he dances and sings to Psy's Gangnam Style!

Bruno the Badger - Gangnam Style - YouTube

Like Bruno on Facebook:

Follow Bruno on Twitter:

Subscribe to Bruno on YouTube: Bruno and his friends are the funniest badgers in school. He is known to have the best dance moves and loves to mimic the singers he is currently into. One sunny day, he was wearing his favourite pair of shoes on his way to school when suddenly he saw his crush on the next street. He instantly ran off to get to her immediately. Two steps behind his crush, a bubble gum stuck under his new pair of shoes and to his dismay he shouted out loud: ”OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” To his embarrassment, his crush looked at him and began to wonder what was wrong with him. Trying to cover up his mistake, he then remembered the famous Oppa Gangnam Style he watched over the internet and imitated it as if he was being funny while being swagging at the same time. He sang OOOOOOp, op, oppa gangnam style His friends then wondered what was wrong with Bruno but instantly followed his dance steps the minute they realized that Bruno's crush was looking at him. Soon more and more people began to join them as they danced. Thus the story of Bruno being the best Badger and dancer of PSYs phenomenal musical hit Oppa Gangnam Style" fell into place! Let Bruno the Badger pass on his contagious dance moves to you with his take on Psy's "Oppa Gangnam Style"! Let loose and enjoy Bruno The Badger dancing and grooving! Don't be shy to tell your friends all about it!

Bruno the Badger - Gangnam Style - YouTube

"Open Condom Style" -- an American tries (and fails) to understand the lyrics:


i like that image at least...olympic condoms

Me going to school…….OPPA GANMGNAM STYLE


My friends:

steve carell



Students in my school:

judging extra hard






i don't give a fuck

I am totally following that Tumblr.


Oppa Byuntae Style


Comedian David So Gangnam Style parody -- "Byuntae = Pervert"

Oppa Gotham Style "I'm Batman!"


Nelly Furtado Gangnam Style

Oppa Panda Style! Wait, what? Big Bang's SeungRi...

A week ago Psy remade Gangnam Style with Hyuna..

Oppa Pony Style.

Oppa Panda Style.

Waveya Oppa Gangnam Style is popular!

Waveya Gangnam Style Oppa Eeeeey sexy lady

Waveya Oppa Gangnam Style 9gag Imgur Reddit 4chan

Waveya Oppa Gangnam Style gif Waveya Gangnam Style gif

Wait, What does Oppa Gangnam Style mean?

Black Queen Gangnam Style

And more dancing:

And more Waveya:

Gangnam Style is now the most liked video in history:

'Gangnam Style', which has only been available to view since the 15th of July, has been 'liked' in excess of 2,141,758 times, making it the most liked video in YouTube history.

The closest competitors for most liked video on YouTube include LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' (1,574,963 likes), Justin's Bieber's 'Baby' (1,327,147 likes) and Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' (1,245,641 likes).


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