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Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR by Amanda Palmer » all you ever wanted to know about all this kickstarter money

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this is a good time to talk about commissions (get ready to be bored):

me and my management team are doing this all 100% by ourselves (globally). because this IS the way it should be - putting control back into the artist’s hands - there’s a shit-ton of work involved. this is not a bad thing, i am not complaining, but it means a pretty big staff (including my lawyer) needs to be in place to DO THIS.

they’ll take about 15% of everything.

my business manager, who gets everyone paid and acts as the accountant for all my cashflow, also takes a 5% cut of everything i earn (which is very fair. hi patrick!!!).

for you business majors, since you’ll ask: some of this commission is after expense, i.e. on the net. some isn’t. good questions. let’s continue.

so do the % math: on a million dollars, give or take, that means that about $150,000 of the kickstarter money will go to the commission pile.



she is great. happy to see her efforts succeed.

Me too, but still $150k in commissions seems very steep!

That's what I was thinking.

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