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One Eccentric Millionaire's Nationwide Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunters: How Forrest Fenn's buried treasure sparked a nationwide race to hunt down his hidden millionsOver 6000 people are reportedly searching for hidden treasure that a millionaire claims to have buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. But their growing desperation is pushing searchers to extremes.

"There's 10% of me that wants to help 'em, but the 90% supersedes the 10%." It's been four years since a cancer-striken 83-year-old, Forrest Fenn, claimed he hid a chest of gold worth $3m in the mountains north of Sante Fe. While treasure hunters are certain of their progress, sceptics say they're being duped and many are appalled that several cultural landmarks have been targeted recklessly as a result.

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Sounds like he got people to do crazy things by tapping into their greed.

Yep, and maybe he's just entertaining himself, watching them on a wild goose chase ;)

We are merely playthings for the rich. :)

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