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Richard (RJ) Eskow: Are Republicans 'Crazy?' Not If You Follow the Money

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It's like following the yellow brick road to find the Wizard is really...just some dude behind the curtain.

Some dude behind the curtain who's obsessed with money.

GOP isn't really the "party of business." It's the the party of mega-business, of globalized multinational corporations. Those corporations don't need America any more. They don't need its roads, they don't need its technology, and they certainly don't need its educated middle-class workforce.

Why is half of America going along with this??

Who says only half? Wall Street controls both parties.

My guess: people want to be part of the party, even if it means all they're really going to get at the end is the leftover glitter from cleaning up the mess left.

Jason, half of voters vote GOP.

Liz, I agree. Everybody wants to be part of something.

Simms Blue or Simms Red... BOTH PARTIES are beholden to Wall Street.

We're all beholden to Wall Street.

Where the stock market goes, so goes the economy.

We're all connected.

Here's an article on why people vote against their own interest.

Mimi, that's a great article! Thank you for sharing!!

The national debt ion less than 16,000 instagrams.

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